DIY Twin AG Christmas Outfits!

Hey people! Today Jasmine is here not Sam, sooo yeah! Let's get started! Today's post is a American Girl Doll DOG! You guys know Sam and I are twins, so I decided to do a twin post for AG dolls! The DIY is Christmas outfits that totally twin! Today I have Sam's dolls instead of … Continue reading DIY Twin AG Christmas Outfits!


Meet Violet Photostory!

Jess's Point of view BAM! CRASH! BANG! "Oops!!!, sorry Sam!" Jasmine whispered. "Ughhh. It's 6:30 in the morning" I heard Sam tell Jasmine. "Fine. I'll be more quiet." BANG! BUMP! BOOM! No use trying to sleep anymore. I'll try to quietly unlike Jasmine, go watch TV. But then I heard Josie get up. Then everyone … Continue reading Meet Violet Photostory!